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Keep your Customers Feeling Safe this Holiday Season

Surprisingly, according to a recent Gallup spending forecast, we can expect to see an increase in retail shopping this holiday season. The reason for this is due to the growing customer concern surrounding digital fraud which can cause customers to stray away from ePayments. Two-thirds of customers surveyed stated that they were worried about their credit cards being compromised. In fact, Americans have grown to become more afraid of credit card fraud than terrorism!

Credit card fraud can be a very frustrating situation for both you and your customer. Even with security measures in place which are intended to detect fraudulent activity and replace stolen funds, a hack can still be annoying—accounts can stop working during an inconvenient time, new cards can take a while to be sent in the mail, and funds can take up to an entire statement cycle to be restored. It’s no wonder customers would prefer to stay away from all the hassle, especially during the holidays.

Don’t let the customer’s fear of credit card fraud hinder your business this holiday season. Look towards using a secure and reliable application to process credit cards in order to keep your customers feeling safe. Here at Nodus, we know all about secure payment processes, from the deployment of an application to the storing of the sensitive information. All our solutions are PA-DSS certified to help your business be the one that customers can trust with their payment information.

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Source: Fox Business