Monthly Archives: January 2015

Product Spotlight: Nodus eStore Solution Stack

Nodus eStore Solution Stack is a full featured e-commerce solution that automates the handling of web orders and fulfills them through Microsoft Dynamics GP.  By combining our flagship payment processing solution, Nodus Credit Card Advantage, with a state of the art web store, you will be able to effectively sell products online and seamlessly integrate transactions with your accounting system, in real-time.

Latest Features Include:

Color Swatches | Preview Products in Specific Colors

If you sell products that come in different colors, color swatches are the perfect way to provide your customers with a more realistic idea of what a specific product will look like in various colors.  By utilizing color swatches, you can provide your customers with more purchasing options during the checkout process.   This is important for e-commerce sites since your visitors may not be able to physically touch or try on products.  Once your customer selects a product, they simply scroll or click on a particular color swatch to see what that product looks like in a different color.


Ship Collect | Allow Customers to Ship on Their Own Account

Shipping costs have a direct impact on conversions.  If customers feel like your shipping options are not favorable or too costly, they are more likely to abort shopping carts at checkout.  With Ship Collect, customers have the option to use their own shipping account for more control over inbound packages and available discounts through merchants and shipping couriers.  Customers simply select their preferred shipping provider and enter their account number.  This data will integrate to a User Defined Field in Microsoft Dynamics GP’s Sales Order Processing module.


Permission Controls | Specify What Additional Users Can See and Do

Controlling user access is a key component for e-commerce users who allow different people to access their web store account.  With Permission Controls customers can limit the functionality made available for additional users on their account.  Permissions options include the ability to either view or make changes to several components such as Order History, Payment Wallet, Address Records, and more.