Social Media and eCommerce

Times are changing! Gone are the days of traditional advertising. Technology is advancing and businesses must keep up to stay afloat.

Yet, many brands continue to make the same mistakes when it comes to integrating social media with e-commerce. One of the common misconceptions is that Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms do not have the ability to attract a customer base. The main reason that the average consumer uses social media is to communicate. They communicate with friends, relatives and often their favorite brands, which is a great tool to use when a business wants to understand their target market. According to Ad Week, 77 percent of social media users follow at least one brand and 67 percent prefer to buy from a  brand that they are following.

There is power in having a strong social media presence. You can also maximize your social media presence by integrating it with your ecommerce site. You can increase social sharing of your products and services by placing social network buttons strategically on product pages to encourage customers to share with their friends the products they like and purchases they make. Their reviews produce transparency which is a big deciding factor in purchasing. Ecommerce is no different from brick-and-mortar stores in that building trust is essential. Online stores do not have the same persuading factors that other stores have. Purchasing is all about trust because the customer cannot physically see or feel the product that they’re buying, so the positive reviews of peers can tip the purchasing decision in your favor.

The key to successful social media is to choose networks that are relevant to your customer base. For example, if your customer base is comprised of young adults between the ages of 20 and 35, then Twitter should be included in your social media strategy. By comparison, if your products and services are more B2B, then LinkedIn is a more relevant choice. Facebook should always be maintained, as it has the most far reaching effect out of the social media sites. As of March 2015, there are 936 million daily active Facebook users, according to Facebook’s company information page.

Social media and technology will continue to shape the way consumers are persuaded into making purchasing choices. It is important now, more than ever to utilize it to its full potential to maximize your company’s success with eCommerce.


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