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NEW RELEASE: Nodus ePay Advantage 5.0.2 R2

Nodus ePay Advantage, our integrated online bill pay solution for Microsoft Dynamics ERPs, will soon be releasing a new version, ePay 5.0.2 R2, now with integration to Microsoft Dynamics AX and a list of new features including but not limited to an additional fee option, subsidiary account management, customizable terms & conditions, multi-currency acceptance, customizable invoice templates, and more.  Below is quick summary.  Please contact us to schedule a demo or request pricing:

Additional Fee

Use this new feature to automatically add on an additional amount to the transaction. Additional fee is supported for Online Bill Pay and AutoPay modules, and can be captured as a percentage of the total transaction or based on a fixed amount.  This feature can be enabled separately for credit card or ACH transactions. Include a name and description of the fee for customers.  One example use of this new feature is if you want to charge a service fee in addition to your product price.


Terms and Conditions Agreement

Organizations can now easily set up and edit a customized Terms and Conditions Agreement to meet their business’ unique legal requirements.  Require customers to review and accept the agreement before proceeding through checkout.  Once accepted, it will be stored and tracked in a detailed log that can be used for auditing purposes.


Subsidiary Account Management

Multi-entity organizations can now easily make a single payment across subsidiary (child) accounts.  Parent company accounts can view historical subsidiary (child) account payments or invoices in a single view.  AutoPay contracts can be created for Parent company accounts that can be used to pay for either all subsidiary (child) accounts, or a specific subset.




Process transactions in other currencies using a separate merchant account best suited for the chosen currency.  Easily filter, sort or view transactions processed in a specific currency.  Keep processed transactions separate based on their currency type.  Use Auto-Pay to automatically make payments against invoices in alternate currencies.



Customizable Invoice Templates

Businesses can now easily customize the display of invoices using our new HTML editor.  Match invoices to meet company branding, theme or style guide so customers easily recognize billing statements and feel comfortable paying online.  Include targeted promotional content on invoices for additional value.   Save multiple invoice templates and assign them to display according to different types of invoices.



Self-Service for Forgotten Log-Ins

Customers who forget their ePay username or password can now automatically request their log in credentials through email without having to call in for assistance.     




Developers can now use our new RESTful API to add ePay functionality to other applications